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Entry #2

New news is new

2009-01-10 00:56:29 by Glandrid

So, after the success of Metal Gear Acid, I suppose I should make an effort to make more, better movies. That being said, this is here as a record of that commitment. And a reminder to me, as I'm forgetful.


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2009-01-10 01:17:02

Don't forget.

Glandrid responds:

Never forget! Never remember!

Wait, maybe it's never give up, never surrender?


2009-01-17 12:31:58

What up, homie? How's life wit da Koopa king, (ME) eh?

Glandrid responds:

It's be ballin'!


2009-01-17 12:33:12

Oh, by the way, that pornomon said the same thing 2 me. BAN HIS ASS like I did.


2009-01-17 12:35:10

Oh my God I'm so so sooooo sorry your parents are dead. I'm serious, I know how U feel. I'm actually crying, 'cause my grampa died, and what that pornomon said is not funny. *sniff*

Glandrid responds:

That sucks dude. Hope you feel better.